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What can the checklist do?
You get an initial overview with the 3-phase plan of how (your) desk is maximally equipped and organized in a minimalistic, sustainable way.

The checklist for your daily life -  profession and  Private, useful a whole life.

It arose from my practical experience with customers.
Many people are often overwhelmed with the order on their desk or they would like to have more order and overview.


my  Present for you!

Click the button and get  download my personal checklist for free

It is also suitable for you if you eg
-  have lost the overview on your desk with your orders
   and tasks.
- Your project folders from right to left and back on the 
  clear desk.
- have the feeling that you are not getting anywhere with your tasks because your
  Desk is too full of items that have nothing to do with your tasks
   to have.
- have more order, structure and clarity on your desk

I wish you much success and joy in the implementation.
I look forward to your feedback. 

This enables me to respond even more to you and other customers.

Simone Derbala


Checklist - desk full - account empty

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The checklist is in PDF format.

    You can download and save it on your mobile phone, notebook or PC.
    So you always have the checklist on board.

    It doesn't matter where your workplace is.

    Whether temporarily or permanently in one place. 
    Your guide to a sustainably structured and well-organized desk always with you.

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